Thursday, 2 January 2014

filofax Personal Cavendish and Personal Grande calf

The Cavendish personal filofax is different from the the majority of open or non zip filofax models, because the larger 30mm ring size allows for greater paper capacity, compared with the usual 23mm seen on most personal size filofax binders.
Inside the front cover are eight card sleeves, a full length pocket behind and one of two pen loops. The inside  rear cover features an open sleeve and another full length pocket, the second pen loop and upon the outside of the cover a zipped pocket.
My brown Cavendish pictured here contains a full years day to a page diary etc, and yet there is still room for more.
The filofax above is a rare Grande calf, personal organiser that also features the larger 30mm rings to an open binder, however this version differs from the Cavendish due to having a wider, squared off spine. This design seems to increase capacity further. Internally it is similar to the Cavendish with the two pen loops and card sleeves, however the rear of the binder features a full length sleeve, pen loop and a zipper pocket internally. As you can see above, my black version contains many papers and yet retains its shape.

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