Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Gillio firenze leather planners

I must admit to being fairly new to Gillio products, but better late than never. My first Gillio was a Green and cream Compagna, purchased from a lovely lady on ebay in 2017. As soon as I received it I could understand why there were so many passionate Gillio owners out there. The leather is probably the best I have seen upon a leather binder, and certainly in the same league as The Bridge, some Franlkin and Van Der Spek leathers. Since then I am now the proud owner of several and all being the Medium Compagna version, as for me this is the most versatile and practical model for those using personal size (171 x 95mm) inserts. There are other alternatives available, from Mini to A5, including genuine A6 binders for papers 150mm long.

The Gillio binders are handmade and available in such a wide range of coloured leathers, but that comes at a price as the colour you may want, may not be on the shelf, thus you may have to wait months for it to become available. That said I believe you will found a style and colour that you will like within quite a short time, as Gillio seem to release a few each month.

The cost of the binders is higher than most, with a new Compagna costing around £250 subject to the exchange rate of euros. Smaller Mini and pocket versions of course cost less and larger A5 Mia Cara versions, have a price tag of around £600. Arguable you will only ever need one, because the quality is very good indeed. I have had reason to contact Gillio, regarding a couple of issues and they have sorted them as quickly as was possible, so that was also reassuring also.

If you do decide to own and use a Gillio leather binder, I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

Refurbishing a 2MLF 7/8 vintage filofax

I recently received a vintage filofax that was in need of a little TLC. The filofax 2MLF 7/8 in black Moroccan leather was structurally good but had the button missing, rust spots on the ring plate and was very dirty.
I set to work on the rings first, these were nice and tight and snapped shut, therefore I removed the ring plate using a blade and a plastic card to protect the leather. I cleaned the inside mechanism and oiled lightly. I scraped the rust spots from the ring plate and cleaned with a mild household cleaner, buffing with a micro fibre cloth.

The leather as I said was dirty and needed a good leather cleaner to remove the grime, but it came off to reveal little in the way of wear. Once dry I buffed the leather and replaced the ring plate, this left just the button. I had a spare filofax button from a damaged filofax, so I prepared the popper on the filofax, by removing any debris from the original button, cleaned and applied the replacement button using super glue. after a minute or two it was sound in position. Apart from tidying a few threads my work was done and I am chuffed with the results and hope you like the filofax 2MLF 7/8 Black.

PMS leather ring binders

Many will not be familiar with the PMS brand and this is an advantage, if your seeking a quality leather binder at a low cost.
The handmade leather binder, krause rings and durable design are favourable for longevity, thus usually equate to a bargain upon an auction site.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Lefax forms

Refill pages for your filofax or other similar ring binder planners, actually cover very few subjects, compared to what was available years ago. The list of available forms from Lefax in the 1940's to the 1970's was vast to sat the least. The photographs are of a Blank forms index, from Lefax during the 1960's. Blank forms for "Farm Property", "Physician's Ledger", "Music Staff", and "Stock movement chart" to name but a few.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Franklin Covey Classic A5 zip tan leather

One of my most beautiful organisers, the Franklin Covey full grain leather tan zipped organiser binder. Its a Classic A5 size with 30mm rings, lots of storage yet seems fairly slender and compact to travel with, due to the rounded edges and zip closure.
I bought this in 1999 from America and although I have used other A5 organisers since, nothing else I have used has the same combination of quality, practicality and raw finesse.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Vintage filofax inserts & tabs

I just love the old tabs and inserts, especially the grey onyx/marl type that were standard in many a filofax from the 80's & 90's.
These are dated 1991, with the quite rare A-Z individually tabbed index being from 1997.

No frills filofax

The filofax company had changed hands a few times, over the years. Subsequently it would seem that priorities and direction would have been varied. As a result of changes the likes of the photographed filofax here was produced.
I would described this non named model as the "unimaginative". At a guess I would say that the plan was not involve the design team, but in some cheaper leather and rest on our laurels.
That said the "unimaginative" is a practical option today, for this wanting to a basic filofax. It's leather, not the best or tactile, but durable. The rings can be changed if required as they are usually not riveted. Best of all these can be picked up for less than £20.
So if your looking for something not new or sparkly, let's say understated  the "unimaginative" could be an ideal choice.