Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Lefax forms

Refill pages for your filofax or other similar ring binder planners, actually cover very few subjects, compared to what was available years ago. The list of available forms from Lefax in the 1940's to the 1970's was vast to sat the least. The photographs are of a Blank forms index, from Lefax during the 1960's. Blank forms for "Farm Property", "Physician's Ledger", "Music Staff", and "Stock movement chart" to name but a few.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Franklin Covey Classic A5 zip tan leather

One of my most beautiful organisers, the Franklin Covey full grain leather tan zipped organiser binder. Its a Classic A5 size with 30mm rings, lots of storage yet seems fairly slender and compact to travel with, due to the rounded edges and zip closure.
I bought this in 1999 from America and although I have used other A5 organisers since, nothing else I have used has the same combination of quality, practicality and raw finesse.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Vintage filofax inserts & tabs

I just love the old tabs and inserts, especially the grey onyx/marl type that were standard in many a filofax from the 80's & 90's.
These are dated 1991, with the quite rare A-Z individually tabbed index being from 1997.

No frills filofax

The filofax company had changed hands a few times, over the years. Subsequently it would seem that priorities and direction would have been varied. As a result of changes the likes of the photographed filofax here was produced.
I would described this non named model as the "unimaginative". At a guess I would say that the plan was not involve the design team, but in some cheaper leather and rest on our laurels.
That said the "unimaginative" is a practical option today, for this wanting to a basic filofax. It's leather, not the best or tactile, but durable. The rings can be changed if required as they are usually not riveted. Best of all these can be picked up for less than £20.
So if your looking for something not new or sparkly, let's say understated  the "unimaginative" could be an ideal choice.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Filofax Heritage has arrived

Just received from filofax direct and first impressions are great. Having returned another model that had an issue, I decided to try the Heritage as a replacement (all sorted quickly and efficiently). 
More to come once I have used it for a week or two.

I have now been using the Heritage for around a week and can honestly say that I love the it. The leather is soft, flexible, durable and and seems to resist marks or scuffs. I was curious about the rings, as they seemed very slightly smaller to me than other personal size filofax. Specs say 25mm rings, well that depends where you measure, but they are smaller (approx 2 mm) than other models that are said to have 23mm rings? 

That said what I really love about the Heritage is that it feels like a notebook, like the 0clf it is emulating I think that it will appeal to many. There are no pockets of course and that will rule it out for some, though it does have a leather insert that houses a pen and has an open top pocket, split at the rear to house cards etc. The big unexpected bonus is that my iPhone 7 easily slides into this and stays put, other phones like Huawei honor 8,9 and Samsung S8 also feel at home in the insert. 

For the reasons I have mentioned this is probably my favourite model and one that I shall continue to use.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Filofax refill pages

The pages I cannot do without are the Month on two pages, for my personal size filofax. I can write where I plan to be, any events such as birthdays, holidays, meetings, and appointments etc. So I use it for planning and for reminders.

I have been asked many times as to where I obtained these pages, however I designed and produced them myself. The month is over two pages, but also in  between each month there is a single page, to log any key notes from the month, plus a page to log notes or reminders etc for "The month ahead". I have pictured them below and will happily make some for others whom like them. I will list them upon ebay and my eBay name is "faxifile", where you will see several different designs as well as any binders from my collection that I am clearing out.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Filofax Domino pen loop repair

Does your filofax Domino or Belle have a torn or worn out pen loop? If so a quick and easy method to repair these is to do what I have done to the pictured filofax pocket Belle below. 
Cut off the pen loop with scissors, this should reveal a slot in the material, use the scissors to cut an opening in the slot, this will then create an opening accessible from behind the pocket/sleeve. Put a flex pen holder into the sleeve and poke the elastic loop through the hole created. Mark and cut any card from the pen holder that sits past the inside pocket /sleeve.
The Belle filofax below now has a working pen loop.