Saturday, 15 July 2017

Filofax Hamilton Zip personal

I came across this this afternoon in the box of many I have yet to use. It's a very practical organiser the Hamilton Zip and the leather is stunning. Still has all the original papers and the 2001 diary within.
I would have to slim the contents from my current Malden, as I suspect that it won't hold quite as much, therefore it may go back in the box.
Just thought I would post this as I have not come across this model too often.

Extra pen into a Malden

The photograph of my filofax Malden with a laminated flyleaf sheet, a piece cut out to provide a great location for an extra pen and also allows the Malden to be close easier, especially when it is as full as mine.

I made the flyleaf from some old maps, laminated and punched them.

The Malden is one of the filofax models that you can really pack with papers etc, though not recommended by the maker, but the rings on some filofax models seem to be better quality than some others and on the Malden they are good and tight.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lefax papers

The monthly view pages from a 1960 Lefax sales representatives kit. The month is upon the right hand page in landscape view, the left hand page being the rear of the previous month, is used for notes and comments.
I find these really great to use and have many examples of some interesting Lefax papers, of which are from a Lefax sales representatives kit for the years 1960 &1961. This includes eight sections with samples of almost every sheet that they produced. It even contains bankers cheque examples and sheets that promise to pay the bearer of, from the bank named. Too many to list but I will post some more soon.