Saturday, 7 June 2014

filofax Personal size collection

Its time to thin my collection a little, or perhaps quite a bit more than a little. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be posting some pictures of the filofax organisers that I currently own. This photograph includes many of my favourites and I confess that there is the odd organiser that is not part of the filofax family.
Starting at the back from the left; Cavendish, Eton, Bridle, The Bridge, Richmond.
next tier includes, Holborn, Cross, Portland, Cross 1846 (behind), Calf blk, Bucklingham, Portland blk, Waverley & Grande Calf.
next tier; Cuban chestnut, Cuban dk chilli, Malden, Finchley, Aston, Chameleon & another Richmond.
At the front; Sandhurst, Belgravia, Durham, Cuban Zip & an Original.


filofax Sandhurst

Lucky man I am, as I have just aquired a brand new filofax Sandhurst, from a lovely lady in Southampton (thank you Fiona). An orange tan is probably the best way to describe the colour of the wonderfully sumptuous Italian calf leather.
With six card sleeves, full length pocket & a pen loop, the inside front cover is pretty standard filofax design. The rear cover hosts another leather pen loop plus two additional full length pockets, the first being shallower & having an attractive and practical concave cut to the leather.
A good or new Sandhurst in a personal tan has eluded me for years, so as you can imagine I am very pleased to get my hands on this unused version. With an A5 Black and a tan deskfax Sandhurst in my collection, the quality of the leather was something I searched for in my preferred personal size filofax
Having just transfered the papers, it is now set for up for daily use and will travel with me.
(size info: length 191mm x width 135mm x depth 40-50mm. 6 x 23mm rings)