Saturday, 7 June 2014

filofax Personal size collection

Its time to thin my collection a little, or perhaps quite a bit more than a little. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be posting some pictures of the filofax organisers that I currently own. This photograph includes many of my favourites and I confess that there is the odd organiser that is not part of the filofax family.
Starting at the back from the left; Cavendish, Eton, Bridle, The Bridge, Richmond.
next tier includes, Holborn, Cross, Portland, Cross 1846 (behind), Calf blk, Bucklingham, Portland blk, Waverley & Grande Calf.
next tier; Cuban chestnut, Cuban dk chilli, Malden, Finchley, Aston, Chameleon & another Richmond.
At the front; Sandhurst, Belgravia, Durham, Cuban Zip & an Original.


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