Monday, 30 December 2013

 filofax  4HLF  7/8 Real Hide (Tan) organiser binder


A rare version of a filofax in from the 1980's in a lovely tan coloured hide leather.
The number 4 denotes the amount of pockets or sleeves the organiser has and the C or H relates to the type of leather, ie: 0CLF, 2CLF, 4CLF & 4HLF, etc.
The 7/8 refers to the ring size as being quite simply 7/8" of an inch (23mm*).

I shall be listing this item upon ebay towards the end of this week and am confident that this genuinely rare version will generate some interest.

This filofax 4HLF 7/8 is a personal size and uses 171 x 95mm papers (known as standard to many). With a strap & stud popper closure, a single hide pen loop to the right hand side and the 4 pockets, not to mention the leather ring wings or slips, this filofax is both elegant and very practical.

New blogs will include overviews for filofax Cavendish, City & Waverley etc.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

History of filofax & Rounce

The name 'Filofax' is born (1921)

Norman & Hill Ltd is set up by William Rounce and partner Posseen Hill to export Lefax organisers to England. Temporary typist Grace Scurr suggests the organisers should be called 'Filofax' - derived from the term 'file-of-facts'.

Monthly Notes & Reminder pages for filofax

There are many superb paper systems for your organiser, from filofax, Franklin Covey, Time manager, IPPS and DayRunner etc. Having used them all I have learnt that no single version is the best, because the best system is the one that suits your needs personally or for your business, this may be an adaption of one or more systems.
I would like to tell you what part of my system is probably the most useful to me,
the Monthly Notes & Reminders section. I have this in personal size (filofax 171x95mm) also in A5 size, spread accross two pages with eight to ten equal boxes on one side and a lined page on the other. Key appointments, goals, reminders and achievements are placed in the boxes, notes and small but important reminders are placed upon the lined page. Having printed enough of these for the year, this section provides a great overview and also a record.
Its a simple format that works for me alongside my week to view diary and yearly calendar, it may be useful to you also.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

filofax Personal Richmond

Real leather - grained finish (black & brown etc)

Interior - front / rear cover
  • ID / business card viewing pocket
  • Full length sleeve / open top
  • Full length pocket behind
  • Eight card sleeves and full length pocket inside rear cover
  • pen loop on the right hand side
  • popper closure
  • 23mm rings
(+) This is a very practicle filofax with lots of storage and good capacity as non padded.
With use this will quickly lay flat and the leather softens nicely, yet keeps its shape well.
Phisically smaller than most personal sized filofax models, it is easy to carry around and feels more like a notebook.
(-) single pen loop & no zip pocket.
I have changed my filofax and am using a CROSS personal in Tan. Having cleared out some 2013 notes and used info pages, I have the full year of wk on 2pages in cream in place now. Its still a little plump but thats OK as it closes with ease. I have a 4CLF in tan from the 1980's, its not been used and I shall put this on ebay very soon (never seen another in tan before, it looks great). The filofax Richmond then the most useful business pages next time..