Monday, 30 December 2013

 filofax  4HLF  7/8 Real Hide (Tan) organiser binder


A rare version of a filofax in from the 1980's in a lovely tan coloured hide leather.
The number 4 denotes the amount of pockets or sleeves the organiser has and the C or H relates to the type of leather, ie: 0CLF, 2CLF, 4CLF & 4HLF, etc.
The 7/8 refers to the ring size as being quite simply 7/8" of an inch (23mm*).

I shall be listing this item upon ebay towards the end of this week and am confident that this genuinely rare version will generate some interest.

This filofax 4HLF 7/8 is a personal size and uses 171 x 95mm papers (known as standard to many). With a strap & stud popper closure, a single hide pen loop to the right hand side and the 4 pockets, not to mention the leather ring wings or slips, this filofax is both elegant and very practical.

New blogs will include overviews for filofax Cavendish, City & Waverley etc.

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