Sunday, 15 November 2015

filofax Lyndhurst deluxe leather review

The Lyndhurst is only available in black leather and in zip form only. The soft deluxe leather is durable and elegant with leather inside and out. Available in most sizes (Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5 & A4) using a zip fastener which has the benefit of keeping any contents secure and unlike some, this zipped filofax will lay flat after a little use (very practical).

The features for the Lyndhurst and are as you would expect, with card slots and a document sleeve internally, a single pen loop in most sizes (A5 & A4 have two) plus a useful external sleeve upon the front of the binder. The rings are standard size as it is a slimmer style zip binder compared with other zipped filofax models, the Finsbury, Durham, Guildford, Cuban and Holborn in Personal size all use the larger 30mm rings, consequently making them larger overall.
Filofax has produced the Lyndhurst for a number of years now, so you would think that plenty would be available on auction sites, however this is not the case. They are not rare but availability suggests that they are used and kept hold of, therefore the Lyndhurst remains a desirable and practical choice. 

Top to bottom - A5, A4 & Personal x2