Saturday, 6 December 2014

filofax Bridle Italian leather personal organiser

filofax Bridle Italian leather organiser.

The Bridle is a rare find, that said an as new A5 version was sold on an auction site, just last week. This leather binder is made with high quality hide, it exudes luxury and is sure to last for years. Available in Tan and Black, the leather does indeed feel and smell like a saddlery leather product. If you want an organiser binder to cope with a hard life, the Bridle should be on your list. No zips but plenty of storage sleeves. A strap and twin popper closure, to allow for extra filling. When closed it feels durable and of high quality, holding its contents securely. Will it lay flat? yes, well almost flat, as the thick leather doesn't want to loose its rigidity at first, but after some encouragement, use and some neatsfoot treatment, the leather softens enough to lay 99% flat with contents in.
Of course the only way to get your hands on one of these, is going to be from a previous owner and you may have to part with quite a few shiney pennies also. I have seen just two A5's (Tan) and a handful of Personal size, of which I own two (one of each colour). Is there a pocket version?
Now I have written that, there will be three on ebay next week, so keep a lookout.